Raise Your Hand If You Hate Bathing Suit Shopping ✋

By Hallie Abrams

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I dread swimsuit shopping.

It’s as if all bathing suits today are made for twenty-somethings and highlight my squishiest parts. They’re super cute on my daughter Maggie and her cohorts, and it’s super depressing when I try them on.

At the beginning of summer, the new swim brand Change of Scenery reached out to see if I’d like to try a suit and cover-up… I posted about it on Instagram, and many of you told me you were so happy with your purchases, the packaging, and the company overall - music to my ears! 

I love it when I find a brand I’m into and you guys like it too! It’s like we really get each other!!

Change of Scenery Swimwear

Yes, Change of Scenery looks good and fits well… but their entire mission pushes them to the top of my love list.

Change of Scenery envisions a world where a woman can put on her bathing suit and feel like the best version of herself. It makes her feel sexy, but not overexposed. Comfortable, but not invisible.

Change of Scenery prioritizes high-quality fabric, flawless fit, and thoughtful design.

womens swimwear change of scenery

Jamie Banks (CofS founder) spent many years as Design Director of Ready-to-Wear and Swimwear for iconic brands such as Kate Spade, Shoshanna, and Milly. She is a working mom of three young kids – she understands the struggle.

Her passion is designing for real women, and inspiring confidence through product. Like any good relationship, she believes that clothing should feel effortless and uplifting. Which is in complete alignment with the mission of The Wardrobe Consultant!

Change of Scenery was established because Jamie wanted sophisticated, tasteful, and uncomplicated pieces and could not find them: Breezy dresses you can throw on between making breakfast for the family and checking email. Swimwear that makes you feel excited to head to the pool with your kids in tow or off to the beach with friends.


100% of the Change of Scenery swimwear is made from Repreve®, a polyester fiber made entirely of recycled plastic. Repreve® primarily sources from post-consumer plastic bottles—billions of them, actually. Instead of ending up in landfills and oceans, they get repurposed into fabulous garments—like the Change of Scenery swimsuits. (Neat, huh?).

  • Repreve® is a true hero product: Their process embeds all the things you want in a swimsuit—wicking, water repellency, compression—for reliable and durable quality.
  • Certified organic cotton fabric is used for all of the apparel. Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals. Clothes made from organic cotton are also higher quality, softer, and more durable.
  • Additionally, CofS digitally prints all of their printed fabric yardage. Compared with common traditional wet printing, digital printing creates a lot less waste overall. 

But…How Does it Look and Fit?

Let’s get down to the real information you all want, how these bathing suits and coverups look and fit. While all of the sustainable features are cherries on top, if the look and fit are off, it’s a no-go. Happily, Change of Scenery is the full package; it looks good, it fits beautifully, and it’s good for the environment - win/win/winBonus Points!!

There are coordinating coverups for all of the swim styles. A hot trend that I am totally into is having a matching suit and cover up - it makes me feel so polished, even at the pool! AND some of the coverups, like the Tracy Dress, can be worn out as a dress as well. In fact, I wore it to dinner in Montauk this past weekend and felt amazeballs.

I tried FOUR different styles. They're all great. I was small across the board in all of them. And just for reference, I am five, four and 127, sometimes 125, sometimes 130 or 31. Watch the video below to see each style!

Shop the Swimsuits



SIZE: Small

  • Love the color and the simplicity

  • Felt it was a little too short in the torso for me personally

  • Goes with all of the cover ups








    SIZE: Small

    • Big fan of this one! I have it in the Animal Dot print, and I knew I liked that because it had the ruching
    • There's something just sort of perfect about where this hits and sort of how the ruching hits







      SIZE: Small

      • I was very pleasantly surprised because I did not think this was gonna be my thing, but I rather like how there's the tie on the side.
      • I love the deep V,  I feel like it allows me to have a little sexiness without being too out there






        COLOR: BLACK

        SIZE: Small

        • And I do really like it. I think it's great. I think this is super neat. I think it's classic.
        • I will tell you, I think if you're bigger busted, it might be better because for me, the straps are feeling a little loose and they're not adjustable.
        • It is a lovely, lovely suit, but the Niki and the Elizabeth definitely have won my heart. And, um, this is a close runner up. I probably would have said yes to it. Had I not tried the others. So I didn't say yes to this dress.


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        Hallie Abrams is a fashion stylist, styling real people for real life. A native Cleveland girl, she loves her city and the real women who live in it. Her clients are real people, including doctors, teachers, marketing execs and moms. Hallie launched her blog The Wardrobe Consultant in 2005 with a mission to take the stress out of getting dressed. She has developed a systematic plan to approach wardrobing in a methodical, yet personalized, way; a way that achieves results. Nothing makes her happier than seeing a client's shoulders go back and their smile get wide when they’re wearing an outfit that makes them feel f’ing fabulous.  


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