Say Goodbye to Swimsuit Struggles: Finding the Perfect Swim Style for your Body Type

By Tami Root Frocchi

With summer fast approaching, we're gearing up for sun-soaked days by the pool or beach! But we all know that with the anticipation of summer comes that sometimes-difficult search for the perfect swimsuit…

Fear not – we’ve got you! At Change of Scenery, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered in her swimsuit. Welcome to our exclusive guide, designed to help you discover swimwear that not only complements your shape but also accentuates your best features. Whether you're lounging poolside or strolling along sandy shores, our collection offers something for every body type and lifestyle.

We also tapped two of our favorite fashion stylists - Liz Teich of the popular blog The New York Stylist, and Lindsay Cooperman, founder of Edit by Lindsay - for expert tips and advice on how different types of swimwear can enhances different parts of the body.

Let's dive in and discover the ideal swim styles for you!

Big Bust

One of the most common questions we get is which suits are best for bigger boobs. For women with larger busts, we recommend supportive features like built-in underwire, molded cups, or adjustable straps to ensure maximum support and lift. Additionally, look for styles with thicker straps or halter necklines to provide lift and minimize bounce. (These features are also great for women constantly on the move–they hold everything in place whether you’re swimming laps, hitting the waves, or enjoying a beachside yoga session!)

For a fuller chest, Cooperman says "if you’re someone who needs the support but doesn’t love the idea of cups or underwire, look for a high quality, tightly woven fabric that will hold you in (and up!). Also, don’t be scared to get a little alteration if needed to lift the straps so they feel snug and supportive”.

Check out our supportive style swimsuits – available in an impressive selection of silhouettes in gorgeous colors and prints!

Kara One Piece in Mosaic

Small Bust

If you’re smaller up top, embrace your petite proportions with our swimsuits that feature molded cups to create the illusion of volume–check out our Lisa One Piece or Cindy Top. Our twist Loryn Top is also great for enhancing smaller busts, and of course, padded options are always a fabulous choice in terms of extra lift and shape. 

Loryn Swim Top in Ivory Texture

If You're Petite...

Our collection offers a range of petite-friendly options that are both stylish and flattering.

Choose swimsuits with mid- to low-rise bottoms and plunging necklines (check out our Niki One Piece!) to elongate your silhouette and create the illusion of height. You might also opt for bold prints and vibrant colors to add interest and draw attention to your figure.

Niki One Piece in Bloom

Flatter Your Figure with Tummy Control

Say goodbye to insecurities and hello to confidence with our one pieces and bikinis–all featuring power compression mesh lining, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit. Additionally, most of our one piece suits include flattering ruching–like our Taylor One Piece or Kara One Shoulder

And high-waisted bottoms like our fan-favorite Side Tie High Waist Bottom are also great in terms of offering extra support. 

You'll want that power compression liner to do it's job. Cooperman advises "make sure your swimsuits fit snug when you first try them on – simply because of the wear and tear on these fabrics from chlorine, sun, and even hand washing, fabrics are likely to give a little. If you buy a swimsuit at it’s maximum support, stretching the fabric over time won’t compromise the supportive qualities. Your bathing suits will surely last longer!"

Side Tie High Waist Bottom in Auburn Texture

If You've Got a Long Torso...

Choose swimsuits with adjustable straps or halter necklines (like our Melissa Top!) to customize the fit and accommodate your longer torso. Also look for one-piece styles with elongating vertical prints or color-blocking techniques (like our Niki One Piece Colorblock!) to visually balance your proportions. 

Niki One Piece Navy/Black Colorblock

Pear-Shaped Perfection

If you’re got a well-defined waist, narrow bust area, and fuller hips (a slimmer upper body paired with a curvier lower body), take a look at our selection of one-pieces and mix-and-match sets designed to complement your pear-shaped figure.

Teich explains "For a pear shape, balance out the proportions. It sounds counterintuitive but less fabric on bottom will minimize your lower half and you want to create volume on top so look for patterns, halter, embellishments or plunge necks to do that."

Balance things out with swimsuits that feature eye-catching details on the top half, like our Lisa One Piece and Kara One Shoulder with Trim (pictured below) and our Erin Top. And don’t forget to check out our high-waisted bottoms and skirts, which will accentuate your small waist while providing coverage for the hips and thighs. 

Lisa One Piece in Grotto Textured Stripe, Kara One Piece in Tropical Garden

For the Athletic Build

Showcase your toned physique with sleek and streamlined swimsuits that highlight your slender frame and enhance your body’s natural elegance.

Opt for designs with cut-outs that add visual interest and break up a straight frame, like our Ella One Piece. Or choose a suit with a high neckline and a defined waist detail like our Daphne One Piece to give the illusion of curves.

"If you’re a rectangle body shape with no curves, aim to create a waist. Adding definition with a high waisted bottom is a great way to do that," advises Teich.

 Ella One Piece in Floral Ikat

Fuller Hips + Thighs

If this is you, choose swimsuits with bold prints or embellishments on the top half, drawing the eye upward. And look for supportive halter tops or underwire styles to enhance your bust and create a balanced silhouette. Opt for bottoms with wider side panels or choose skirted styles to provide coverage for the hips and thighs while elongating your legs. One of our favorite pieces is our Amy Swim Skirt–it gives you extra thigh coverage in and out of the pool and it has a self-tie that can be adjusted to be worn lower or higher on the waist!

Amy Swim Skirt in Bimini Sky

For Those Hourglass Figures

"On hourglass figures, the classic bikini is always a winning combo and highlights the balanced proportions," says Teich. Accentuate your curves with structured bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms that emphasize your waistline and highlight your bust and hips.

For a one piece, styles like our high-necked Daphne One Piece or Niki One Piece that belt or cinch the waist are your go-tos, as they’ll work to emphasize your natural silhouette and show off the narrowest part of your waist. 

Daphne One Piece in Tropical Garden

The Apple Shape

A feminine apple-shaped body is rounder in the middle and narrower at the top and bottom, with a waist that is proportioned more evenly with the hips. Consider swimsuits with empire waistlines or draped fabrics, where the waistline is located just below the bust. This style elongates the torso and creates a more defined waistline while providing ample coverage and support for the midsection. It’s helpful to avoid bathing suits with waist seams or detailing, as these can emphasize the widest part of the body, making it appear larger or less defined. Check out our Taylor One Piece, a perfect complement to your apple-shaped figure. 

Taylor One Piece in Black Texture

At Change of Scenery, we believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Our thoughtfully designed swimwear collection celebrates diversity and empowers women to embrace their unique bodies with confidence. Whether you're lounging poolside or exploring exotic beaches, we have the perfect swimsuit for your body and lifestyle. Dive into luxury and discover your flawless fit today!

Have questions or need more personalized tips? Drop us a message at We love to help! 

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